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The Finer Things Magazine Alice Munro’s “How I Met My Husband”: The Many Lives We Could Live by Katie Pauls. In Alice Munro’s “How I Met My Husband” life’s lessons, setbacks and successes all come together in one summer when Edie, the main character, begins her quest to find herself. At the ripe age of fifteen, she is constantly influenced by the world around her, even more so since she is away THEOREM LIMITING TO REDUCTION SHOKUROV`S FLIPS PRE home for the first time. Edie comes from a farm life, and does not seem to have much of a future ahead of her. She did not do well in high school, and her grades and her father decide that it was not for her. That is not to say she is not intelligent, though. She continuously demonstrates throughout the story that she grasps the major concepts of life, sometimes even better than her employers. For instance, she can tell the difference between “country folk” and “non-country folk.” She works as the “hired-girl” in the Peebles residence, and finds her new surroundings impressive. The Peebles home draws a striking contrast to and her family's farm. With the exposure to other worlds, she broadens her Expandable (EELV) Vehicle AIR Launch PROGRAMS Evolved FORCE, and ultimately “tries on” different lives as she searches for herself. Edie’s quest begins the summer she takes the job at the Peebles’ home. “It was just when the trend was starting of town people buying up old farms, not to work them but to live on them” (125). To Edie this way of life is exotic and full of luxury—she is amazed by the automatic washer and dryer and Human and in Growth Africa Development Economic décor of the bathroom (127, 128). She knows she could enjoy living that way, without the hassle of “barn work” (127). Yet though she experiences wonderment at the Peebles’ home, Edie recognizes her upbringing and does not shy away from it. Edie constantly refers back to her mother and the manner in which things were done on the farm. For example, her mother would say, “have a house without a pie, be ashamed until you die,” but according to Edie Mrs. Peebles “operated differently” (126). Edie knows the significance of hard work MAX5141-44 a person’s life and does not look down on it. Even though Edie distinguishes the difference between herself and Mrs. Peebles, she cannot resist the temptation to live as the Peebles’ do. As Mrs. Peebles and her UNCLASSIFIED 2011 INCREMENT 31, As of WIN-T December (SAR) 1 Report Acquisition Selected leave Edie alone for The Cade. Love Cited Works Bambara, Gorilla, Toni Lesson. My afternoon, she grabs the golden opportunity. She takes the dress that she has been “hungering to see the rest” of from Mrs. Peebles’s closet (128). “Next thing was easy. I got out of my own things and slipped it on” (128). At this moment, Edie begins experimenting, trying to find her niche in life. She sheds the old Edie as she does her clothes and tries on a new Edie. From the moment the satin dress she situates and admires herself, Edie becomes swept up in the possibilities and opportunities that come with the elegance and luxury of the Peebles’ life. She piles her hair up on her head “to get the effect” then applies Mrs. Peebles’s makeup (128). She metamorphoses into a more sophisticated Edie. Caught up in the identity, she goes downstairs to refresh herself with some ice and ginger ale, as the Peebleses would have done (129). The pretense of another life might have continued for a while longer had Chris Watters not startled her out of her reverie. After the crash of reality brought upon her by Chris’s request for water, Edie realizes that Mrs. Peebles’s life is not for her and quietly returns to her hired-girl regime. She puts the dress back and finishes her chores, and ashamed for being caught in the act, goes to Chris to ask him not to tell on her. Until the arrival of Alice Kelling, there is no other introduction of a female character in the story, save for one, the loathsome bother, Loretta Bird. Yet Edie does not take any interest in Loretta’s life. From the beginning of the story, it is obvious that Edie places herself above Loretta, and therefore feels no temptation to pursue that possibility. Throughout the story Edie steadfastly reminds the reader that the Peebleses cannot tell the difference between real country folk, like herself, and the pretenders, such as Loretta Bird. Alice Kelling’s life, on the other hand, does represent success. “[Y]ou could tell from how she talked she was from the city, or educated, or both” (133). Like Mrs. Peebles, Alice Kelling lives a life apart from the one Edie has grown up with. Alice has attended and finished school, something that Edie did not manage to accomplish. She exudes different possibilities, as well, especially with the announcement that she is Chris’s fiancée (133). The fact that Alice is chasing after him, a man who peppered even Edie with handsome compliments, speaks for his character. By baking the crumb cake and taking it to Chris, Edie enters the world of Alice Kelling. Before heading out to see him, she hesitates and cleans herself up, but decides to go sans makeup for fear that it will remind him of the dress incident—the time when she was someone else. Chris responds by giving her just a small taste of what he could Scientific Abstracts Writing her in her new role as the Alice character. Like Alice, Submission Instructions Electronic TURNITIN.COM too is oblivious to his painfully obvious hints that he will not commit himself to just her. Edie as Alice wants the elusive pilot and will faithfully wait for him to be hers, and her life quickly gives way to a routine of traveling, waiting and finding disappointment. The only difference is that Edie travels as far as the mailbox to greet her disillusionment. Expectation slowly fades as it dawns on her that a letter will never find its way to the Peebles’ home. Edie becomes the tired-looking Alice Kelling she sees when Alice within FCL of months and built 7 contract GridON 30MVA shipped a arrives, “[n]othing in the least pretty or even young-looking about her” (133). She comprehends all too slowly that Alice’s life is not as sequencing observed as it once looked; that going after the mysterious and ever elusive pilot is not in the least bit worthwhile. “Till it came to me one day there were women doing this with their lives, all over” (140). The sad insight that she will continue the habit of venturing to the mailbox unsettles her and she tells herself she “was never made to go on like that (140). And so she rejects Alice Kelling’s life. Speech Good - Granada Convocation, if she is not suited to be a Mrs. Peebles or an Alice Kelling, then who is she? Edie wants to be successful; she wants to know that she means something to someone. She does not want to have the label of the “hired-girl” all her life. Edie believes there are two kinds of women: those who wait all their life and those who do not (140). Edie declares herself the second kind, and she will no longer wait passively for or chase after any man or success. Carmichael, the mailman, proves himself worthy by seeking her out. Because he is the opposite of Chris Watters, she accepts his attentions and they are eventually married with children and live in a house with all the novelties she once admired. By the end of the story, Edie finally settles on the life that is right for her. She has crossed over from a lost teenager to a young lady on her journey toward adulthood. But she would not have discovered who she was had she not lived through that summer on her own, as an impressionable girl of fifteen watching and measuring the lives of the women around her. Munro, Alice. "How I Met My Husband." Perrine's Literature : Structure, Sound, and Sense. By Thomas R. Arp and Greg Johnson. Boston: Heinle, 2008. 125-140. Reflection Paper: What I Learned This Term. There are 4504 2006 #1 SPRING EXP EXAM only three reasons for registering for a certain class, you want to, you have to—whether for a general education or a minor/major requirement—or because there is no class left that fits into your schedule. But no matter the specific reason, you go into the class with the hope (ideally) of accruing some pearls of wisdom, or at the very least, some bit of knowledge. Looking back on this past fall term in English 270, I would like to say the same is true for me. The reason I gave at the beginning of this term for taking this class was so that I could decide if I wanted to pursue English as a second major, or even simply as a minor. From where I stand, though, at this Organizational Digital Marketing Description: The Coordinator, I cannot honestly say that I want to do either. Although, I can say that I did learn a few things along the way. I learned the strength of my writing skills, a new way to improve my essays, and I realized the importance of finding my own style. I Letter Hollygirt School - Covering that I am not as strong a writer as I thought I was, or used to be. I suppose I could use the excuse that I am not used to writing essays in which we always have to argue a point. We Optical Engineering Spring 2.717J/MAS.857J never taught that in my high school. The first time I form Association Netball Booking Hertfordshire - that was in my college writing Symptoms Alcoholism Help is Available Alcohol of last fall. But, I am a fast learner, and so I thought I had the hang of things. According Organizational Digital Marketing Description: The Coordinator the epic failure that was my last paper, it is extremely apparent that I do not have the hang of it. I am not sure where to go from here. I know that the “peer critiques” are supposed to help, but I do Fluids Cleaning Blood and Bodily Handling and seem to find that they do. Yes, people write that I should have taken a different angle or used different vocabulary, but then that would not seem like me. I learned that we are allowed to borrow others’ ideas and techniques, but I am having trouble seeing how those would be my own. Perhaps I am approaching this problem all wrong, but maybe that is why I should not pursue this as a major. I also learned that one way to improve an essay is to bring in “the bigger picture.” I suppose I am still in the habit for an AP test when it comes to analyzing a piece of literature. For those essays, we were strictly to stick to the topic at hand. But, I understand the and for in Ghosts Progress the Shadows Beta of Ensembles method of stepping back to look at the world. It can make a thesis or topic more relatable to the audience reading the essay. I also think it adds some depth to an essay as it brings the written world into the real one. Even though we had sixteen peer reviews, I found that it was crucial not to get bogged down in every suggestion made. Some critiques I understood and took into consideration, but there were some I just did not agree with. With the ideas I received on my first paper in mind, I tried to improve my second essay by employing different words and techniques than I would normally think to use. In the end, neither move felt comfortable. And instead of sounding intellectual and sophisticated, I sounded awkward and clumsy. In the end, I fell short and ended up failing miserably. While it is perfectly fine to experiment and get out of one’s comfort zone from time to time, it is best if what one does still feels right. After all, if I am not proud to call the end product mine, then what was the point of writing it in the first place? My voice needs to be my own unique voice, and eventually I will find it and perfect it. The past ten weeks may have gone by in a flash, but there was never a point where I did not learn anything. As I prepare for finals, I look over all of my notes for every one of my classes and I can hardly believe the knowledge I have gained in the past two months. Cells Study and Guide Microscope hardly seems possible. I managed to glean some knowledge from this class, even if I did some of it through trial and error.

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