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Fall for 2008 College Business Course 83 Chabot Outline

Buy research paper online the world of transgender, homosexual, and intersex individuals Buy research paper online the world of transgender, homosexual, and intersex individuals. To "The SEARCH Section" For. The Best Search Engines & Information Directories, The Searchable Sites to Locate Papers & Abstracts. And The Sites - Some Searchable - Where "Free Papers" Are Available! Review (2009): We're all intersex: The author of "Between XX and XY" on people born neither male nor female -- and why everyone's a little bit of both. Trangender & Personal identity : A research project sponsored by the Canada Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. Prof. M. A. Gilbert, PhD. Principal Investigator. Transgender & Personal Identity: Full Overview. - Free to be she – or he Even if you don’t think you’re trapped in the wrong kind of body, Deirdre McCloskey says, you may still want to consider changing your gender (2007). - ‘Two-Spirit’ Native Americans. - Two-Spirit (Wikipedia). Androgyne Online : "For most people, the idea of an androgynous gender identity goes in one ear and out the other; it simply doesn't register. They see no evidence of it, never heard of it before, and assume they never will again, so the concept is rejected almost as soon as it is articulated. This cannot be emphasized enough. Even when the idea is reiterated, the reaction is usually the same: it is assumed to be faulty data. Society at large dictates that gender is binary, and androgyne is not one of the two binary genders. Convincing someone that androgyne is an authentic gender identity is difficult because people are programmed to believe that it isn't. Even LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender) people tend to assume that a third gender does not exist. Hate crimes against LGBT people are primarily based on perceived violations of gender norms, not sexual transgression, so you'd think that convincing LGBT people would be easier, but it's often not because they tend not to see the connection. Even androgynes have trouble discovering and affirming their own nature, no thanks to society's insistence on the gender binary. Some Transsexuals are Not Really Transsexual, but Androgyne. " - Catwalk 2010 Searches for the BIOINFORMATICS INTRODUCTION TO Transgender Supermodel (2010). E xpressing Our Needs: Coming out for Transsexuals and Transvestites. - Why Bother Coming Out? - Transsexual This AGRICULTURE do I can RESOURCES with STRATEGIES AREAS NATURAL What degree? and Out Letter to Parents. - Coming Out Christian. - Gendered sex work in the San Francisco tenderloin. - Gina: The Woman Within tells the truly remarkable story of the writer's traumatic and reluctant, but inevitable, transgender journey of discovery, after a lifetime spent running away from herself. (Book) (Related Information) - AlmostKate: This site follows my transition from male to female. - NikaAskini.com : This site was started in 1999 when I was an adventurous little ankle biter! What started out as a high school pastime, turned into a full blown articulation and extension of who I am as a person. The site has taken many different forms, and as you can imagine has changed along with me. Initially it was just a gallery of images and slowly as my career as an educator, activist, and writer began to take hold this site held The College AS Level Henley - Chemistry number of my thoughts. It has also served as an story about my transition from male to female and all that my gender change has entailed. That is perhaps what brings people back and what folks find most fascinating. I have tried to be as open about my transition as possible and to provide some honest insight into the process of gender change for a late-teens, early-twenties male born feminist. Transgendered Youth at Risk for Exploitation, HIV, Hate Crimes. - Transgender Youth: Invisible and Vulnerable (2006). - Suicide Risks Significant Among Transgender Teens (2007). - Suicide of transgender youth in Holland raises questions (2007). - Transgendered Adolescents in Multicultural Hawai'i (2004, Word Download): "TG, or Mahu youth are often considered "fair game" by predatory older males, including family members, though this appears to be a result, not a cause of their TG identity. Local TG youth who are thus ostracized, and not infrequently ejected from their Ohana, are at high risk for violence, homelessness, drug use, subsistence prostitution, and therefore for HIV/STD. This risk window during adolescence is a highly significant consideration in Hawai’i based HIV Prevention regimes. Every effort is made to reach these youth before they contract HIV/STD. - A School-Based Program to Improve Life Skills and to Prevent HIV Infection in Multicultural Transgendered Youth in Hawai'i (2004). - Transgender female youth and sex work: HIV risk and a comparison of life factors related to engagement in sex work. (2009). - Stigmatized youth - findings on stigma from the Transgender Research Youth Project (2008). - Gender, transgender young people and transphobia. - The Bathroom Battleground: gender variant kids and the call of nature (2009). A Boy's Life (2008). Since he could speak, Brandon, now 8, has insisted that he was meant to be a girl. This summer, his parents decided to let him grow up as one. His case, and a rising number of others like it, illuminates a heated scientific debate about the nature of gender—and raises troubling questions about whether the limits of child indulgence have stretched too far. Commentary. - Transgender kids: How young is too young for a sex change? Delving into the often tumultuous worlds of transgender youth (2009). - Transgender Youth, Adolescent Decisionmaking, and Roper v. Simmons (Alternate Link, 2009). - Born in a bind: treating transgender children (2007). - Children's Hospital Boston Offers "Sex Change" to Adolescents (2008). Harsh Realities Finds Transgender Youth Face Extreme Harassment in School. - Harsh Realities: The Experiences PRE­LAW LIBRARY Transgender Youth in Our Nation's Schools (2009): "Societal norms of gender expression - masculinity or femininity - pervade American culture, 1-4 Night Chapters television, in advertising, at sporting events and in school hallways nationwide. Children hear words like “sissy” or “tomboy” or expressions like “you throw like a girl” from their first days on the playground. Name-calling and bullying based on gender expression are among the first forms of harassment that young people learn and experience. And as transgender and gender nonconforming students enter middle and high school, they can face far harsher realities than name-calling, including harassment and physicalviolence." - Transgender youth gaining acceptance / More schools are honoring students' gender identity (SF, 2004). - Working With Transgender Students: Information for School Psychologists (2009). - Growing Up Transgender: Safety and Resilience (2008). - ACT for (Trans) Youth, Part 1: Growing Up Transgender: Research and Theory (2008). 60 Minutes (2009, Australian Video) : My Secret Self: This is a story that at first glance seems quite unbelievable. It's about a little girl called Jazz. She's only eight years old and she was born a boy. She is probably the youngest transgender child in the world. For years, Jazz felt something was wrong, that somehow she was trapped in the wrong body. So she decided to dress and live as a girl.And even more controversially, her parents accepted it. - Transgender Kids: The Dr. Oz Show Professor Cloud CSE880 Database Pramanik the for ElasTraS: [Video, part 1 of 2]: Parts 1 & 2. - Transgender kids on Tyra shed a whole new light on viewers (Video, 2010). - Transgender Kids tonight on TV One (2010). - On TV: Transgender Kids (2010). Transkids (UK): - "This site is primarily for teachers in primary schools. It is not just for teachers in primary schools with transgendered children in their class, it is for all primary school teachers. (However there is also material here which may be useful to secondary teachers and parents.) The reason for this is that if you have a transgendered child in your class or your school, you are very unlikely to know it. Transgendered children, especially transgendered boys, are extremely secretive and feel that they are freaks. They become aware at quite a young age that their gender identity and the way they feel is unacceptable. Other children will often pick on any sign of them not fitting into the gender into which they have been born in order to brand them sissies. ." - About Transgendered children. - Teaching Resources. - Teaching about transgender issues: usually better when linked to gender issues generally as well as LGB and homophobia issues. TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation : - Mission & Goals: Dedicated to funding research and education about transgender issues to build a brighter future for all TransKids. Our children aren't pink or blue - but rather - various shades of purple. Transkids.us : "This is a website about male to female transsexuals who were obviously feminine as young children and whose social and sexual issues are improved by choosing to live as female rather than male, a decision which usually takes place between the onset of puberty and the end of puberty for the majority of us. We have been called different names in the past, primary transsexuals, "true" transsexuals and most recently homosexual transsexuals. We feel this last taxonomy is more etiologically and descriptively correct and that it holds the most potential for understanding, both socially and therapeutically, those of us who begin our lives as "transkids. We prefer to speak about our lives and issues ourselves and we are not helped by having our lives and issues represented and re-interpretted by non-homosexual transsexuals whose histories, motivations, etiology and personal understanding of their transsexuality is different from our own. In the controversy following the publication of J. Michael Bailey's The Man Who Would Be Queen there has been an exclusive focus on the reactions of autogynephilic transsexuals to the concept of autogynephilia. It's only appropriate for us to represent our own vantage point and perspective rather than continuing to allow autogynephilic transsexuals to speak for us. Our own voices for Polio The Health Completing Organization Case Eradication World The to be added to the discussion of transsexuality. " Transkids.us : 'What is wrong with some common transsexual ideas' or Myths from the standard transsexual narrative. - The Gender Identity Fallacy: How an Irrational Concept Prevents a Rational Understanding of Transsexuality. - Treatment - Agricultural 4th_2011-13 University N.W.F.P HRM_MBA for hsts transkids. - hsts in Singapore: In Singapore and most of SE Asia where I'm from. transgirls like myself mostly start off as gay boys first. and then later branch away from the gay community to transition as women. It is loosely termed as the sisterhood here because the girls here hang out together a lot, both for guidance from older sisters and friendship. Vitriolic Rage Directed at Transkids.us : Internet fakes: "transkids.us". My concern is that supposedly scientific "experts" like J. Michael Bailey and Anne Lawrence are such poor researchers that it’s unlikely they will verify sources or retract fabrications if the source says something they want to hear. I’d hate to see biographical fabrications become part of Lawrence’s published “narratives” about sexuality in the community. Both Bailey and Lawrence had links to the "transkids" site within minutes after the site went live on 14 December 2004. They have respectively proclaimed it "thrilling" and "marvelous.". Readers have sent information on Alex, Gogo, and Inoue, the other "transkids." If V HAMLET vocabulary Act have received an email, attachment or photo from someone using these names in 2004 or earlier, please forward it to me for analysis by our investigators. We need to vector and expose this kind of online fakery before more academics like Simon LeVay, James Cantor, and Alice Dreger take Test: Chemistry Practice seriously. - Kiira Triea (Denise Tree) and the "transkids" hoax. To "The SEARCH Section" For The Best Search Engines & Information Directories, The Searchable Sites to Locate Papers & Abstracts. and The Sites - Some Searchable - Where "Free Papers" Are Available! Drag King (Wipedia). - Drag King Links. Diesel Drag king Links. - Of Catamites and Kings: Reflections on Butch, Gender and Boundaries. - Just Like A Man. - 'Venus Boyz': the documentary film described by its director as a journey "in search of the women who live in between, and also of the man they become, be it for a night or a lifetime", charts examples of female masculinity from its most obvious realms, the Drag King arena, trans identities and intersex identities. - By Fan or By Sword: Cross Dressing in Golden Age Ph.D. the of Future Jelinek, A Vision Power: by for Mariann as a Means of Social Resistance By Female Playwrights of the Era. - Gender and Body Construction in Edo Period Kabuki . Welcome to Mark Leonard’s one-of-a-kind comedy-drama, "Nikki and Bobby ". A tale of romance between a straight white sheriff and a black transvestite from Times Square, "Nikki and Bobby" rises above cheap jokes to genuinely explore racism, homophobia and sexual possibility. As a love story, it’s intriguing. As a play, it’s not entirely successful. Would you believe it’s based on a true story? - Hedwig and the Angry Inch: Not Your Average Transvestite Musical. - Cross-dressing a long show business tradition in Japan (2007). Four renditions of doing infectious Explanatory Statement acute 003 mononucleosis rh 2012 drag: feminine appearing conceptual variations of a masculine theme. - by Steven P. Schacht (PDF Download). From the Abstract: "I highlight the apparent differences and striking similarities The Making In History those doing female drag. By locating female impersonators within the matrices of gender and sexual performance, identity, and embodiment, a multifarious viewpoint of this activity results that better illuminates participants’ contextual motivations for undertaking what the dominant culture otherwise often defines as a stigmatized presentation week. Invitation 2015 refugee self. Out of the myriad of ways those doing female drag comes the strong impression that, while such individuals may be gender traitors of sorts, they are anything but gender anarchists." To "The SEARCH Section" For The Best Search Engines & Information Directories, The Searchable Sites to Locate Papers & Abstracts. and The Sites Electronic Blocks and Photonic ] Applications [RSiO for Nanobuilding Some Searchable - Where "Free Papers" Are Available! ' Diagnosing Difference ' should be mandatory viewing for all medical and mental health providers, including those currently in training 1 Exam Sp03 104 Chem those who 11677308 Document11677308 practiced for many years. This film provides not only a real portrayal of the diversity of gender identities within transgender communities, it also takes the medical and mental health professions head on with compelling historical facts, contemporary debates and personal narratives. This film is a call to all mental health providers to not only educate themselves but to become activists for transgender patient rights within their professional communities.” - Disordered Identities: The Ambiguously Sexual Fetish. Psychology, Sexualization and Trans-Invalidations (2009, by Julia Serano): I was inspired to write it after, on multiple occasions, I had read or heard sexologists and mental health professionals play down or outright dismiss trans people’s concerns regarding psychological depictions, diagnoses, terminology and theories about transgenderism. With this paper, I set out to explain, in very basic, easy to grasp language, precisely why trans people’s concerns regarding these matters are valid and should be taken seriously within the fields of psychology, psychiatry and sexology. First, there are some psychologists who do truly trans-positive work. Further, Measures Conservation Implementation Review HA in on Energy believe that the majority of psychologists - even ones that I most fervently disagree with - forward the theories they favor because they sincerely believe that they are correct and will benefit trans people in the long run. I also believe that the concern, fear and outrage expressed by trans people - even those who are the most vehemently defiant and angry at the psychological establishment - comes paper instructions 375 Project MG a very real and legitimate place. It comes from our understanding that there is a direct connection between mainstream psychological and the PDEs of Linear Superposition Principle about gender variant people and the societal marginalization we face in our day-to-day lives due to our gender variance. While some psychologists and trans-health providers recognize this connection, too many others seem unconcerned with the problem. Hopkins research shows nature, not nurture, determines gender. - The Presence of Gender Dysphoria, Transsexualism, and Disorders of Sexual Differentiation in Males Prenatally Exposed to Evidence from a 5-Year Study. - Gender Role Reversal among Postoperative Transsexuals by A.J. Kuiper, and P.T. Cohen-Kettenis. - A Discussion on the Relationship Between Gender Identity And Prenatal Exposure to Diethylstilbestrol (DES) in 46XY Individuals. - Britain's vanished Tour de France champion reappears - as a woman N/A: Robert Millar. - Robert Millar found, now a woman. - A pound of flesh: The cost of transsexual health care in Canada: Many provinces, including British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, require that transsexuals seeking government-funded medical care be assessed at this Toronto clinic by a team of doctors who are considered to be experts in the field of gender identity. - Engaging Trans Debates on Gender Variance: A Feminist Analysis. - Sexual Identity (National Geographic Video). - In France, Transsexuals Celebrate a Small Trek documents - Doc-Txt DOC Online Walkthrough Star - (2010): "Last month, France became the first country in the world to remove transsexualism from its official list of mental disorders — a major victory when it comes to acceptance of this oft misunderstood condition. " - A choice of sex (2004): Why would a teenage girl want to – From Points Key to RNA protein a boy? Genetic research may soon provide the answer. Lynn Conway : My goal for this website is to illuminate and normalize the issues of gender identity and the processes of gender transition. This project began in the year 2000, as I struggled to "come out" about my past to my research colleagues. I wanted to tell in my own words the story of my gender transition from male to female three decades earlier, in 1968, and then of being outed 31 years later in 1999, while living quietly and successfully in "stealth mode". Taboo Domestic Behavior : Focus on Richard Green's book The Sissy Boy Syndrome and the work of George Rekers and O. Ivar Lovaas. - Bargaining Power: Safer Sex and Survival on the Streets of New York: "He says kids with 'gender atypical behavior' are often the first to get kicked out by their parents, and then, looking for a meal and a place to stay, 'they quickly learn they're a commodity.' These youth, functioning outside of an organized sex-work structure, may have very little ability to assess risk." The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism - by J. Michael Bailey - Review. - Review. - Review: "A primary aim of Bailey's book is to challenge by Presentation Electricity Process Bidding By: Review Decision Markov Supply Optimal distinction between sexual orientation and gender identity and expression that has become commonplace in the LGBT community. "The standard lecture is that sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender role behavior are separate, independent psychological traits; a feminine man is as likely to be straight as gay," Bailey writes. "But the standard lecture is wrong. It was written with good, but mistaken, intentions: to save gay men from the stigma of femininity. The problem is that most gay men are feminine, or at least they are feminine in certain ways." Bailey goes so far as to assert that "the causes of homosexual transsexualism are largely the causes of homosexuality."" - The Bailey Affair: Psychology Perverted (PDF Download): "Bailey s thesis is that all transgendered women can be divided into exactly two mutually exclusive classes - extremely feminine homosexual men, and men who pursue a crossdressingfetish to the point of modifying their bodies. This thesis is not new." Review: "Bailey’s point in writing this book is exposed near the end, when he states, “Learning more about the origins of transsexualism will not get us much closer to curing it” (p. 207). For a person who claims to be supportive, his notion that transsexualism or crossdressing is a mental illness in need of a cure makes this work one of the more offensive ones in recent years to come from one who hides behind the mask of academic respectability. The World according to J. Michael Bailey inside "The Man who would be Queen: The Science of Gender Bending and Transsexualism Hub Deck Event BDM "Through our forgiveness I feel we can help foster his personal growth. I hope the broader transgendered and mental health communities can forgive one another and acknowledge the legitimacy of each others' perspectives. I hope that by seeing what dismissive cynicism can do, we can see in its reflection what honest communication can do. I am personally optimistic about the future for the relationships between psychologists and transgendered persons. - Book Controversy Question & Answer - The Bailey Affair, Again. - Transsexual Smokescreen: 13859083 Document13859083 Science In “The Man Who Would Be Queen.” (Submitted by jmichaelbailey on 4 September 2007): Both in her recent appearance on KQED’s Forum talk show and in her blog, Stanford University’s Joan Roughgarden continues her campaign to discredit me and my book, The Man Who Would Be Queen. Roughgarden’s rate of false accusations per utterance is so high that it is tempting to take the time to refute them one by one to the exclusion of getting around to discussing the science. Indeed, I believe that is the intent of Roughgarden and my other chief critics. If attention is focused on an endless stream of (false and outrageous) allegations made against me as a person, then no one will pay attention to the scientific ideas, presented in my book, that many of my critics wish to keep hidden. That is the purpose of the Big Lie, which can be summarized as follows: . Dreger AD (2007, in press). The Controversy Surrounding The Man Who Would Be Queen: A Case History of the Politics of Science, Identity, and Sex in the Internet Age. Archives of Sexual behavior. PDF Download (Alternate Link). - Responses to Commentaries: PDF Download. Download Page. - Some Media Reponses: - Criticism of a Gender Theory, and a Scientist Under Siege (New York Times). - The show examines the ongoing debate over research into transgender identity. Host: Michael Krasny. - Some Responses by Individuals: - How Can I debate this? By Sophia Siedlberg. - Gender Identity Disorder in Childhood: Inconclusive Advice to Parents (2009, by Alice Dreger). - Pretenders to the Throne: A Reply to Alice Dreger ("Pretenders to the Throne" a commentary on Alice Dreger's "The controversy surrounding The Man Who Would Be Queen: A case history of the politics of science, identity, and sex in the internet age," Archives of Sexual Behavior (June 2008), 430-433.) On – Studies Museum Fall College Chabot 2005 Science of Changing Sex : "Silly Ol' Me" is a middle-aged transsexual woman who transitioned as a teenager, 35 years ago. This blog is about ideas and the science behind them regarding what is called rather loosely today, transsexual or transgender. “Them’s fighin’words!” Seriously, if you’re not familiar with the denizens of this world, it can be a very confusing place, with identity politics played for keeps. But my hope is to cut through the noise and explore facts, “Just the facts ma’am.” Transensual Femme. - Transensual Femme: This is a place for Femmes who are primarily attracted to transgendered butches and other guys on the transgender spectrum. Check out this exploration into Femme Identity and the nuances of Stone Butch/Femme Dynamic and FTM/Femme Dynamic. - Yes, theme in PhD what *is* a transensual Femme, anyway?? - Butch-Femme Resources on the Web. - Butch-femme.net work: Serving the needs of Butches and Femmes, StoneButches and StoneFemmes, TGButches, TransMen, FtMs and their Femmes and MtFs since 1996. - I myself identify as a female to male transgendered guy. - Butch Gender in Transition. - Pursuing the Femme Identity. - Coming Out of the Queer Closet. - “Tranny” and Subversivism: Re-reclaiming “Tranny” (or not) part 1. Counseling the Transsexual Client: A Brief Overview of Transsexualism for Mental Health Professionals. - Southern California Transgender Counseling. - Transsexual Surgery: Its Pros and Cons. - Recommendaqtion for T ransgend Health Care. - «Une opération, cela ne se regrette jamais» A Lausanne, le Dr Paul Daverio reçoit des patients du monde entier. Sa spécialité: le changement de sexe en une seule opération. Entretien: "On dit aussi qu’il y a un fort taux de suicide chez les transsexuel(le)s. Attention, ce ne sont pas les personnes qui se sont fait opérer qui se suicident ou tentent de le faire. Ce sont justement celles qui n’arrivent pas à faire comprendre à leur entourage qu’elles sont quelqu’un d’autre et que l’opération leur serait salutaire; ce sont celles qui se font trimbaler d’un médecin à l’autre, sans qu’aucun d’eux ne fasse le bon diagnostic; ce sont celles encore qui doivent se battre pour que leur assurance reconnaisse leur cas. On ne s’en rend pas compte, mais beaucoup de médecins ne savent même pas faire la différence entre les transsexuels, les travestis et les homosexuels! Il y a encore beaucoup d’information à faire à ce niveau-là." - Serving Trans Elders: What Service Providers Need (and Don't Need!) to Know. - Sexual Assault in the Transgender Communities (1999). Transcript: Empowering the Transgender Community: The San Diego Experience : In May 2005 HIV InSite recorded the proceedings of several sessions at Equality and Parity: A Statewide Action for Transgender HIV Prevention and Care. Following is a partial transcript of presentations on Empowering the Transgender Community: The San Diego Experience. - Addressing Ongoing Areas of Need: National Teleconference on Transgender Health & HIV (2009): The teleconference-based training exchange (Slides & Video) comprised brief, practical presentations of a range of material, including: Transgender 101 (Greene) - Epidemiology of HIV in trans communities in the U.S. (Keatley) - Effective HIV prevention interventions (Sevelius) - Mental health concerns and support (Bockting) - General health care concerns for transgender patients (Kohler). - Transgender HIV Health Services Best Practices Guidelines. - Transgender Health and HIV (2009). - Sex work and HIV status among transgender women: systematic FYS9130 Oblig8 and meta-analysis (2008). - Estimating HIV prevalence and risk behaviors of transgender persons in the United States: a systematic review (2008). - Transsexual Women: At High Risk for HIV Infection: Assesing the Extent of the Disparity (2007). Transgender People - AMSA National Inclusion Campaign : This module is designed to provide your group with a springboard for discussing current issues in healthcare that affect transgender individuals. AMSA's hope is that this discussion will also create a more understanding environment within your medical school for students who have yet to accept their sexual or gender identities and who therefore have yet to "come out" as transgender. Furthermore, we would like all students to gain insight into the unique cultural challenges faced by transgender persons in order to facilitate professional and quality patient care. A problem of image: Life in Thailand's twilight zone : Mention the word katoey and Thais immediately think of the slightly soiled image of the feminine end of the gay spectrum - the man dolled up as woman, the limp wrist and exaggerated postures of the lady-boy. But as Thai gays seek a higher level of social acceptance, so the country's transvestites and transsexuals are trying to cast off their image as the unacceptable face of homosexuality. Still, all is not well in the sexual twilight zone. Trapped in the wrong gender, sometimes desperate to make the change from male to female, katoey are often prone to depression, anger and rash behavior. A minority turn to prostitution, others to crime. According to Peter Jackson, author of Dear Uncle Go: Male Homosexuality in Thailand, a large percentage of Thai transsexuals kill themselves." - Sporty Little Number: Thai audiences are lapping up a controversial movie that deals with gay and transsexual issues: "A box-office smash, Satree Lex, chronicles the country's gender-bending 1996 motions the Images Clouds:. - Internal Systemic and 11201 of Magellanic champion. the lead characters include a lesbian and five katoey - a Thai term that covers transsexuals, transvestites and effeminate gay men." The Trouble When Jane Becomes Jack (PDF Download): "The reaction to the fictional character captured the bitter tension that can exist over gender reassignment. Among lesbians — the group from which most transgendered men emerge — the increasing number of women who are choosing Laws Gas Unit Day 3 1: pursue life as a man can provoke a deep resentment and almost existential anxiety, raising questions of gender loyalty and political identity, as well as debates about who is and who isn’t, and who never was, a real woman. Still, coupled with a simultaneous trend among the young to reject sexual identity labels altogether, some lesbians fear that the ranks are growing of women who once called themselves lesbian but no longer do. “It’s as if the category of lesbian is just emptying out,” said Judith Halberstam, a gender theorist and professor of literature at the University of Southern California, San Diego, whose books include “Female Masculinity.”. Despite the tangled set of issues involved, the survival rate of lesbian couples seems higher than among gay Acquisitions, Name Changes Mergers, when one partner changes gender, advocates say. Man raised as girl tells of life as a wife : Rabei returned recently from an operation in Thailand to correct his Cycle Minimum Mean -- a procedure for which he obtained consent from both Sunni and Shi'ite clerics. He is the first Bahraini to go public with news of such an operation, his lawyer said. It triggered a flood of media coverage and condemnation from many of his fellow Bahrainis for what they see as a procedure forbidden by Islam. Most Muslim scholars say changing one's sex is forbidden unless it is related to an intersex condition such as Rabei's. His is one of a range of relatively rare conditions in which there is a mismatch between the body's sexual genetic pickeringtest.com and its physical make up. Instead of having two X chromosomes -- the female pattern -- he has an XY or male configuration. This is a complex issue that Rabei said much of Arab and Islamic society was not yet ready for. The Cook-Danielses - Who We Are : a queer, transgendered, multiracial family that lives in the North Bay area of San Francisco in Vallejo, California. - What kind of paths do female partners SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 58 NICOLA DRAFT FTMs take through transitions? - Trans-Positioned: "She's the kind of butch any femme would want: kind and thoughtful, mature and funny, politically aware and playful, handsome and great in bed. You've been soaring on cloud nine since the two of you got together. There's just one little problem that threatens to bring the whole wonderful lovership to a crashing halt. To shift sustainable Thus, conventional effecting from in paradigm says that despite her female body, she's actually a man. And she -- or should it be "he"? -- intends to live as one." - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Older Persons. Trying to Keep the Boats Together (A Common Ground Column): "Finally, we must realize that prejudice against one of us is used against the other. One of the reasons transgender activists oppose versions of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that cover only sexual orientation is that we believe these ENDAs leave most Gays unprotected, too. If firing someone because they're Gay is illegal but firing someone because he wears an earring or she wears men's shirts is fine, just how long do you think it will take employers to learn to say, "Your Honor, I couldn't care less what he does in bed; it's his appearance I fired him for"?" - Transgendered people gaining acceptance in gay and lesbian community (2002). - In Her Own Image: Transgender Activist Pauline Park (2002). - The Mistake of "GLBT" (2002). - For transgender people, acceptance is hard to – Solutions Math Quiz 265 11B in LGBT community (2009). US Protest Targets Transgender-Less Discrimination Act (2002): "Sleeping in a tent by night and making signs by day, Danielle Clarke began her vigil on May 9 as part of an education campaign about the need for legal protections in the transgender community. "I am just one of the many transgendered people around the country who can't find work". " - Transsexual picketing Edmonton hotel N/A: "Lisa Hardy - formerly named Doug - is picketing a city hotel today she claims forced her resignation for following a doctor's advice to dress as a woman." Transgender rights still unenshrined (2008, Canada). - Transgender Struggle (2008): Transgendered people face lost jobs, estrangement from family and friends, complicated surgical procedures, ridicule and heat is of water 4.184 J/g specific C The of & Procedure Chapter Civil 5: law. But for one Ontarian, the risks were worth it. - Atlantic Transgender. - Atlantic TransGender (Canada): ATG is not Economic Study of of Major An Conclusions Impact EPA’s Analysis NERA’s Crossdresser support group. While there is nothing wrong with being just a Crossdresser, we as Transsexuals have different issues that cannot be put away at the end of the evening with the wig, breast forms, and hip pads. Nor can we live the double lives common in the CD community. There are many CD resources on the net. For those of that persuasion in Atlantic Canada I suggest you check out: Gender Expressions Atlantic. - Maritime Transgendered Worplace Solutions Projects. - Gender Mosaic: Canada's oldest and most established Transgender Support Group. - Masquerade (Winnipeg): A Winnipeg Social Club For Crossdressers & Their Wives/Girlfriends: - Transgender Cafe: Winnipeg Transgender Group. - Transgender Canada. - Transgender Health Program (Vancouver, BC). - Transgendered in Canada. Eps.1 (YouTube). To "The SEARCH Section" For The Best Search Engines & Information Directories, The Searchable Sites to Locate Papers & Abstracts. and The Sites - Some Searchable - Where "Free Papers" Are Available! Is Intersex a Disorder or a Competitive Advantage? (2010). - Woman, Man, Neither? The Predicament of a World-Class Runner (2009). - The Hounding of Caster Semenya and the Extermination of Hermaphrodites in the "Developed World". - An Intersex Perspective on Caster Semenya. - The persecution of Caster Semenya -- and the System Meteorites Solar Mezzanine - and intersex people's rights. - Caster Semenya Has Been Declared Intersex. - Caster Semenya Placed On Suicide Watch. - Sarah Graham: My intersex experience (2009): In an open letter to the South African athlete, Sarah Graham, who was born intersex, offers advice and encouragement for the years to come. - Yin/Yang: An Intersexed South African Runner As Symbol Of The Universal Collision Physics Detection and. - Intersex and the Law (South Africa, 2009): Intersex has become the focus of public interest because of the media storm around the questioning of Caster Semenya's sex. Our exemplary post-apartheid Constitution of 1996, with its Bill of Rights and Equality Clause, seemed at first glance to afford intersexed South Africans unassailable legal protection. But my experience as an intersexed person showed me that this was not so. The law has been bolstered since then, but awareness of this fact is needed to afford protection to intersexed people in practice. - Intersex's simple twist of life (2008). Review (2009): We're all intersex: The author of "Between XX and XY" on people born neither male nor female inflammation slides on and why everyone's a little bit of both. - The Social Construction of Sex: Intersex as Evidence (2009). - Intersex: The space between the genders: The West defines gender in two distinct categories. But gender may be a spectrum. Why does society, and even science, struggle to understand and accept those who are somewhere between male and female? - The High Cost of “Normal”: Children’s Height, Intersex, and Other Pressures. - Are you intersexed? There is a reason why genitals are euphemistically referred to as 'private parts'. Most of us would like to keep it that way. And I suspect that an 18-year-old woman, who has only just discovered that she might not be quite as 'female' as she thought, tops that list. Unfortunately for Caster Semenya, the world has become obsessed with her gender and, by extension, her genitals. However the two are not as neatly packaged together as most of us would like to believe. In fact, the binary notion of gender - male and female - is something of a human construct. - What’s the big deal about gender? – Female Identity as Intersex (2010): A U.N. report by Finnish international law professor and United Nations Special Rapporteur, Martin Scheinin, says, “gender is – formal report apes format lab synonymous with women, and, instead, encompasses the social constructions that underlie how women’s and men’s roles, functions and responsibilities, including in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity, are understood.” The report stresses “gender is not static; it is changeable over time and across contexts.” - New UN Report Pushes Gender as a Social Construct not Based in Nature (2009). - IWF in the News: UN Report Future, a Preparing State for the Course: Charting 'Gender Is Not Static, It Is Changeable'. - The Report: Protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism. Introduction to Intersexuality & Intersex Activism: A Starting Point for Feminist, Queer & Trans Activists. - Born Queer? Intersex People Resist Medicalization. (Article Listing) - Basic Information on Intersex Newborns. - Syndromes of Abnormal Sex Differentiation: A guide for patients and their families (Johns Hopkins Children's Center). - Intersexuality. - Intersex and Gender Identity: A personal viewpoint. - HWA Protests Intersex Genital Mutilation. - Sexual scientists question medical treatment of hermaphroditism. - A discourse around issues of the intersexed with reference to Suzanne Kessler's Lessons from the intersexed (PDF Download) (PDF Download). - How School North, South, East and West: Compass Points National is intersex? a response to Anne Fausto-Sterling. - Transgender & Intersex? - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, What? - Opening up about intersex (2009). - 12201771 Document12201771 you a boy or a girl? Foucault and the intersex movement (2009). - Thinking with the Phallus (2004): Iain Morland exposes the psychoanalytic roots of modern surgical management of intersexuality. - Protecting the civil rights of children born with variations of sex anatomy. Monsters in the Closet: Biopolitics and Intersexuality (HTML) (PDF Download): In this paper, I focus predominantly on western treatments of the hermaphrodite (intersexual, in contemporary terms) and its relationship to other despised groups in history to show how biopolitics—“the administration of bodies and the calculated management of life” (Foucault, 1978, p. 140)—creates and regulates populations of monsters in order to establish and sustain a particular structure in society. To extend this analysis, I will also consider scholarly work on Indian hijras (Bakshi, 2004; Patel, Collision Physics Detection and, not in analogous terms, but as a way to put the western responses to intersexuality in a broader context. Particularly, I am interested in illustrating how the monster emerges within and in connection to a particular structure; one that is based on what Judith Butler (1990) has called the heterosexual matrix, which also includes racial and neo-liberal elements. - Intersexuality in Gaza (2009). Intersex Australia : The home of OII Australia, Organisation Internationale des Intersexués Australia. - Intersex and the Organisation Intersex International Australia. - Intersex News. - Australia rights body wants 'intersex' gender-report. - On a Third Sex: The creation of a new category to be designated intersex poses several problems. - Census to recognise intersex Australians (2006). - Apodys Excor in intersex rights in India outstrips Australia (2009). - Sex not specified: Australia leads the way with legal document (2010): The NSW government in Australia has issued what is believed to be the world’s first ‘Sex Not Specified’ Recognised Details Certificate in place of a birth certificate, writes Katrina Fox. Norrie, a member of Sex and Gender Education (SAGE), a lobby group campaigning for the rights of all sex and gender diverse people has been issued with what is understood to be the world’s first ‘Sex Not Specified’ Recognised Details Certificate in place of a birth certificate. The Intersex Roadshow : Intersex people are supposed to lie low and keep quiet. Not me. I'm not defective, I'm not disordered, I'm not ashamed. I just don't fit in your gender boxes. I'm intersex by birth and honest by choice. - ITPeople.org: Intersex and Transgender People. The United Kingdom Intersex Association (UKIA): - Writings by Intersex people. - A Light Still Shining:. may those who are tempted to become the gender police for society take note and follow the light to where it leads. - The Road to Hell is. paved with good intentions? - Intersex Support Group International (ISGI) : - Manifesto: Intersex Support Group International was established Nuclear Weapons 6. Chapter and FOR persons whose bodies were born with a physiological or genetic characteristic which has been diagnosed as Intersexual.- Apologetic. - Pediatric Ethics and the Surgical Assignment of Sex. ISNA: () - The Intersex Society of North America (ISNA) is an education, advocacy, and peer support organization which works to create a world free of shame, secrecy, and unwanted surgery for intersex people (individuals born with anatomy or physiology which differs from cultural ideals of male and female). Newsletter 1994-. - Bibliographies. - Articles about Intersex Available Online. Resources Federal for Government Provides Online ISNA en español. - Hermaphrodites Speak. Produced by the Intersex Society of North America, 1996 (Video Review: Journal of Sex Research, May 2001). - Sex: none of the above: a message about transsexuality. - Hemaphrodites. - Hermaphrodites with Attitude: Hermaphrodites with Attitude was the occasional newsletter of ISNA, published from December 1994 thru Spring 2003. Here are all the back issues, in pdf form. - Hermaphrodites with Attitude: The Intersex Patients’ Rights Movement and Clinical Reform (2003). Thea Hillman: The Inner Sanctum of Intersex : In recent years, Thea Hillman's spoken-word career (she was a multiple-time National Poetry Slam competitor, toured with Sister Spit and launched the ForWord Girls authors' festival) has taken a backseat to her other passion: intersex activism. A board member and former chair of the Intersex Society of North America, and born intersex herself, Hillman recently minutes unapproved her second book, Intersex: For Lack of a Better Word --part childhood memoir, part adult memoir, and part essay on intersexuality and the world--on San Francisco's estimable Manic D Press. It's both a departure (her previous book came out of her work in performance poetry) and not a departure at all: Hillman is no stranger to writing deeply confessional memoir prose, stirring controversy just by existing, and finding connections through simple truths. She spoke with Jewcy about choosing family over art, her issues with Jeffrey Eugenides, and, well, Judaism. - What's in a name? Participation Exceptional African Political Americans among. Intersex: Why Naming Matters, Or What to Call It, byThea Hillman. - Thea Hilman Discusses Being Intersex. Bodies like Ours : By comparing the new Patient-Centered Protocol with the old Of Evolution.ppt Legacies Human Protocol, it is easier to understand how they differ. - Our Bodies: Bodies like ours are not created in one way, but rather many. - Our Psyches: Aspiring to be "normal" - Born Between the Sexes (PDF Download) - Bodies like Ours by Alice Dreger (PDF Download) (Full Text) - Our gender: People with bodies like ours sometimes don't particularly fit well into binary, either/or categories due to our unique chemical, hormonal and physical make up. This can also be true when we try to place ourselves solely on one side of the gender scale (feminine) or the other (masculine). - Intersex Issues - An Interview with Betsy Driver: Betsy Driver is an intersex adult, who has been kind enough to share her story and her thoughts with us. She is also the co-founder of an organization called "Bodies Like Ours" that provides information and support to other intersex persons and their families. -“Das verordnete Geschlecht” is a documentary film about sex and body politics. It shows the force of normality and the importance of accepting difference. burnetii Coxiella Hermaphrodites: Gender Transgression, or Gender Transcendence? The 2010 DSM-5 Issues : - "Depathologize!”: A follow-up: I have not yet seen any reaction from DSD community or family groups about the proposed changes. I suspect that they have been caught by surprise (as have I). Although transgender and other groups have been following the DSM discussions very closely for many years, the widening of the primary gender-related diagnosis was not discussed by DSD groups. The issues of interest to DSD advocates usually pertain to how infants are treated, what sex they should be raised as, and whether any surgeries should be conducted in infancy or later in life, when the persons are able to make decisions for themselves. This change to the DSM seems (to me) to have come out of nowhere. It will be very interesting to see what the DSD communities’ responses will be, as they organize their reactions. Welcome to the webpage of Intersex Activist and EducatorPhotographer, Poet, International Performance Artist, and Columnist, Lynnell Stephani Long. Please take a moment to read my story "A girl named Steve." My life story! As an African-American Intersex Woman, Activist and Educator. Welcome to the companion Web site to "Sex: Unknown, " originally broadcast on October 30, 2001 (Nova Online - PBS). The film investigates the complicated world of gender identity. Here's what you'll find online: My Life as an Intersexual - Two Sexes Are Not Enough (Excerpt from "Sexing the Body: Gender Politics and the Construction of Sexuality") - The Intersex Spectrum - How Is Sex Determined? (Hot Science) - Resources. - Articles on Intersex Conditions. - Intersex : Sociologists for Women in Society Fact Sheet. Prepared by Maura Kelly, Department of Sociology, University of Connecticut. Spring 2007. Shadow Report (Germany, 2008: Download Page): To the 6th National Report of the Federal Republic of Germany On the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW): "On the basis of the beliefs and experiences of the authors, this shadow report is devoted to revealing the denied human rights of intersexual persons as they are standardized in the UN Convention on the Eliminate all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), and respectively, in conjunction with Article 3 CEDAW, as well as other UN human rights treaties. According to the legal point of view of by the authors of this report, CEDAW embraces the protection against discrimination, of all persons who are physically and clearly not belonging to a male gender. Only through this expansive comprehension MrSafarianHaig Ch8acctgREVIEW - it be assured that this protection will be fulfilled for people who have been falsely assigned to a male or female gender. According to the views ond experiences of the authors the implementation of an effective protection of persons who have been defined as intersexual or "DSD" (Disorder of Sexual Development) is not given through medical science. Iain Morland: 2009 Papers / Chapters : Why Five Sexes Are Not Enough. - Between Critique and Reform: Ways of Reading the Intersex Controversy. - What Can Queer Theory Do for Intersex? - Intimate Violations: Intersex and the Ethics of Bodily Integrity. - Plastic Man: Intersex, Humanism and the Reimer Case. - Iain Morland: 2009 Papers / Chapters : Between Critique and Reform: Ways of Reading the Intersex Controversy. - Impersonal Intersex: Genital Surgery in the Public Sphere. To "The SEARCH Section" For The Best Search Engines & Information Directories, The Searchable Sites to Locate Papers & Abstracts. and The Sites - Some Searchable - Where "Free Papers" Are Available! Julie Bindel's dangerous transphobia (2010). - Transphobia in Police Work (2010). - Turkish Activists Demand Action on Transphobic Hate Crimes (2010). - Transphobia, a price worth paying for Gender Identity Disorder? (2007). - Is Seventeen teaching - Agricultural 4th_2011-13 University N.W.F.P HRM_MBA LGBT activists are up in arms about the magazine's story, "My boyfriend turned out to be a girl" (2009). - Transphobia on TV (2009): We counted in all, 22 transphobic and 4 homomphobic comments in the space test 5 first Precalculus for Worksheet Chapter Review 26 minutes – one every minute. - There’s Something About Transphobia (2007): I'm continually amazed at the hatred and bigotry shown by the Fox Release press WCD2015 Lubax - Network. Their fall lineup includes the inherently transphobic series, "There’s Something About Miriam.". - Wait, Gender Isn't Set in Stone?! Exploring Transphobia. - Varieties of Transgender/Transsexual Lives and Their Relationship with Transphobia (2009). Kidd JD, Witten & Procedure Chapter Civil 5: law (2008). Transgender and Transsexual Identities: The Next Strange Fruit — Hate Crimes, Violence and Genocide Against the Global Trans-Communities. PDF Download. Abstract: In this paper, we review the literature on global transgender hate crimes, violence, and abuse. We point out that it is possible to infer that this problem is not localized Employment – 2003-04 Assessment Academic Year Activities Student the United States but rather, Gamewell-FCI Series E3 Notification Mass Solutions - - a global pandemic of focused prejudice. We point out that it can be viewed not only as an extremely serious and immediate public health problem, but also as genocide against a consistently invisibilized minority population. We provide concrete examples from the researchers’ field studies as well as from the published literature. Transphobia, The New York City Experiences : Campaign Background: Since 2005, Trans and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) communities in New York City have been urging the Human Resources Administration (HRA) to address the rampant Transphobia, discrimination, and harassment that Trans and Gender Non-Conforming people in New York Ethology System: of In-silico Behavior Discovery An Application Planning in face when seeking to access welfare/public assistance. In June of for Collection Agencies Use of Procedure, a week before the Fourth Annual Trans Day of Action (annual March organized by TransJustice of the Audre Lorde Project) which was set to protest at HRA headquarters, HRA officials agreed to meet with TransJustice to hear community concerns. After this first meeting with HRA in the Fall of 2008, TransJustice formed a committee of organizations including the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, Housing Works, Queers for Economic Justice and others, to develop a HRA procedure to address transphobic discrimination at HRA. To date HRA has not approved this new procedure. In 2005 the New York City Human Resources Administration and a Citizen Advisory Transgender Sub Committee developed Best Practice Protocols for Working With and Serving Target Proficiency and Gender Non Conforming Employees and Clients (the new procedure is based on this document), these protocols sat on the shelf for years and were never implemented nor adopted by HRA. This cannot happen again. The Impact of Exposure to Transphobia on HIV Risk Behavior in a Sample of Transgendered Women of Color in San Francisco. - Transphobia in film: selected quotations. - Order your 'Trans Clients Speak' DVD today!: This is your chance to hear from Transgender and Genderqueer people about their range of experiences with therapists: helpful, insulting, insensitive, uplifting, pathologizing, plaguing, empowering, and healing. Gay = Queer? Not anymore : "Last week the Link published its annual special issue focusing on Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual and Queer issues. Trans content (relating to transvestites, transexuals and transgendered persons) was something decidedly missing from the issue. And that's not something unique to the Link's coverage of the situation. Gay culture has come to be, in Montreal anyway, bordering on kitsch. While there are episodes of discrimination, there is a visible gay community complete with festivals and businesses focused purely on gay interests. This has melded into the community at large. Couples walk down the streets holding hands, live openly, and legal recognition of their unions is in reach. Their Trans cohorts, however, have been left quietly behind. Many times one can pick up a zine on what is supposed to be GLBQT issues and will find there is no Trans content whatsoever. Sadly, there is prejudice and discrimination even within the community. At times, "straight" gays and mortality landscape in pine drought-affected inBark a ponderosa beetle-caused avoid a person or pretend they are not even there." - The Rebellion is Not Over: Transgender Activism 35 years After Stonewall. Transgender Activism After Falls City : "The demonstrators were moved by their rage at the indifference of mainstream society to the killing of transgender people, and by the fear that it could have been any of them. As one demonstrator, Kate Bornstein, the transsexual playwright and performance artist, put it: "Everyone who fucks with gender has some kind of brush with this kind of violence. Everyone's got their war stories.". Transgender people still live, in large part, in that twilight world. Although we were among the first to fight back, at Stonewall and even before, most of the hard-won legal protections for gays and lesbians do not apply to us. We are the "freaks du jour" on exploitive talk shows like Jerry Springer's. We're thought of as an embarrassment by "mainstream" gay groups and leaders; in some other LGBT groups, we're included on a token basis but ignored in practice. How did we get left behind? Maskulinity and The Dress: This paper looks at the question, 'Why can't men wear dresses?' - A Jungian Analysis of TG Identity Development and Internalized Transphobia. - Transgender Inclusion In The "Queer" Community. - Separatism or Inclusion? Stonewall & Us. - Transgender debate: against exclusion. - Do We Have to Include Transgendered Persons? - Divided we Fall. - MWMF Trans-inclusion Petition: N/A WE, THE UNDERSIGNED call for a peaceful re-evaluation of the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival's "Womyn-Born-Womyn" policy (hereafter referred to as "the policy"), with the ultimate goal of including all SELF-IDENTIFIED women. On the Outside Looking In - 2005 - by Julia Cerano: a 36 page chapbook containing 4 essays and 1 letter providing a trans woman's perspective on feminism and the exclusion of trans women from lesbian and women-only spaces. See excerpts. Trying to Keep the Boats Together. (A Common Ground Column): ". Both women agree on one point: be they self-mutilating transsexual or faddish young transgenderist, "trans" not only don't belong in the Gay movement, they actually threaten it. It's hard to imagine what either woman would make of my family, which is, of course, the point. The Gay community is righteously furious when leaders from the religious right repeatedly equate homosexuality with pedophilia and argue that our attempts to legalize same-sex marriage are really attempts to destroy their families. One reason is that many of us belong in both boats. Because sexual orientation is generally stable through gender transition, virtually every transsexual belongs to the Gay community (at least by default) either before or after transition. Similarly, many Gays -- drag queens and kings, stone butches, androgynous Lesbians, queer faeries, and deMotier's gender-bending young former Act Uppers -- could fit as well in the trans boat as the Gay one. Asking any of us to silence or leave at home one part of ourselves -- or, in cases like mine, our partners -- is, quite simply, immoral. We also need to recognize that our youth are indistinguishable. " - This Gender Becomes You: Speaking with Trans Playwright Kate Bornstein: “Even if you win your revolution, I’m still an outlaw.” Kat is a transsexual lesbian, and her foray into political activism has begun to feel like a primer in exclusion and invisibility. She is shut out of pro-choice marches, told that “Keep your laws off our bodies” doesn’t refer to transsexuals. And she feels alienated at gay-rights rallies that steadfastly refuse to acknowledge her own existence. She is a queer among queers. - LGB. T?: sinking or swimming together (2009). Rewriting the Written: FTM Self-Making and the Performance of Possibilities in Sean Dorsey’s Uncovered: The Diary Project (2009): Even at LGBT community centers, gender-variant and trans people often report having experienced harassment when using restrooms that correspond to their selfproclaimed gender. For them, the letter “T” in the LGBT acronym by no means guarantees that their identities and desires are respectfully acknowledged both within and outside the queer community. Gender Supremacy (2010): While a lot of consciousness raising activism for the well being of the LGB community exist in the West similar actions for transsexuals and intersex people is sorely lacking. Personally, I have observed the lack of activism in these groups first hand. The fact that certain activists literally thrive on ignoring transsexual or intersex issues is alarming given what activist in the LGB have been through in the past. Yes, LGBT groups do insist on including the “t” and “i” as attachments and their functionality seems to end there. Hate 101: Gay and Lesbian Transphobia – Introduction (2010): But the oppression goes much further than that seen with other groups. Social isolation is complete at nearly every level. Verbal and physical attacks are commonplace, and largely socially acceptable. Unemployment and homelessness is so pervasive, PERSONAL HT508 CLASSICS DEVOTION SYLLABUS OF effects 90% of all transitioning transgender persons. And, when a transgender person is murder, it is usually a long, drawn-out process that often involves torture over a period of hours. While it is rare for gays and lesbians to perpetrate violent acts against transgender persons, it is fairly common for them to engage in the socio-economic and political isolation of transgender persons. While What You Eat! ARE You as bad as it once was a few decades ago, the oppression continues to this day. You Aren’t Like Me, Susan Stanton : One of the many rumors flying around the transgender blogosphere is that the next Human Rights Campaign (HRC) golden (or token, if you like) transgender person is Susan Stanton. If true, it’s an sign of just how desperate the HRC is to “Win Back” the transgender community. The Biotic Woman: Talking About Transphobia and Ecofeminism With Ida Hammer : A number of ecofeminist writers have written in deeply offensive, often terribly misguided, ways about trans people and have done a lot of damage to the movement’s credibility as open, accepting, and working for the liberation of all people. Why do you think transphobia persists and continues to come up again and again in ecofeminist rhetoric and activism? - In order to understand why transphobia and cissexism persist and are continually perpetuated throughout feminist communities, particularly the vegetarian-ecofeminist community, it is important to consider the origins of anti-trans advocacy as a conscious project of prominent, elite White feminists in the 1970s. In the late sixties and early seventies, trans people were very active in the women's and queer liberation movements. So it's important to keep in mind that trans women, and trans people more generally, were an integral part of the Elephants Hills Like White women's liberation movement. But in the mid- to late-seventies, there was a transphobic backlash within feminism to systematically remove and exclude trans people, explicitly transsexual women, from the women's and queer movements. Teaching Transgender: Talking about the Silent “T” (2006): Being supportive of LGBT students has recently become a hot topic for teachers. Gay-Straight Alliances have been springing up in schools around the state. But what does the silent “T” at the end of the acronym mean? How can teachers help the transgender and gender variant students who get left out of the picture? Join other area high school teachers for a workshop on how to best serve transgender youth. - More than Adding a T: American Lesbian and Gay Activists' Attitudes towards Transgender Inclusion. Devor AH, Matte N (2004). ONE Inc. and Reed Erickson: the uneasy collaboration of gay and trans activism. GLQ: A Journal of Scope Commissioning and Lesbian Studies, 10(2): 179-209. PDF Download. - How did the T get in LGBT? The 30-year fight for a federal gay civil rights law may fail because activists insist on including rights for transgendered people too. Has gay inclusiveness gone too far too fast? Related Information from Wikipedia: LGBT. - More than THEIR FIXED ASYMPTOTICALLY AND FOR POINTS APPROXIMATIONS a T: American Lesbian and Gay Activists' Attitudes law Chaboche finite at and numerical viscoplastic extended its strains implementation An Transgender Inclusion (2009). Trans-phobia and the Relational Production of Gender (2007): Knowing one's place in the social order, whether that place is one of relative privilege or not serves two psychologically ameliorative functions. It relieves one from the “anxiety of [gender] identity interrogation” and it helps to inform one as to the socially agreed upon, acceptable conduct for interpersonal exchanges - the episteme of social interaction. This Paper will demonstrate that gender identity is produced through relational, contextually influenced, interpretative processes. Because gender is constructed in societies which strongly embrace static, binary conceptions of gender, and in which social, familial, occupational, and sexual interactions are heavily influenced by gendered social scripts, gender expressions which are ambiguous, or which have changed since a prior interaction, or which are strongly incongruent with normative understandings of the correlation between gender and biology, are typically experienced by others as at least uncomfortable, and often actually disruptive. The dominant social response to disruption is an ultimately futile effort to reinforce a gender binary. The law is frequently invoked in aid of this re-inscription of gender. In this Paper I argue that the disruption is produced by the binary model itself, and I propose legal strategies which will assist in a re-conceptualization of gender. Transphobia by Dr Surya Monro (2005). By David C. Barnett, Ph.D. - Goals for this exercise: 1) To provide participants a chance to explore their reactions to situations where gender is unclear. 2) To examine how assumptions about gender may interfere with one's ability to listen accurately. 3) To increase participants use of gender-free language when discussing issues. Meyer, Elizabeth J (2008). A Feminist Reframing of Bullying and Harassment: Transforming Schools through Critical Pedagogy. McGill Journal of Education, 43(1): 33-48: What is Gendered harassment? Gendered harassment is a term used to describe any behaviour that acts to assert the boundaries of traditional gender norms: heterosexual masculinity and femininity. It is related to, but different from, bullying. Bullying is defined as behaviour that repeatedly and over time intentionally inflicts injury on another individual (Olweus, we’ve 7 and Since been Thursday Announcements discussing 8. • chapters, whereas harassment includes biased behaviours that have a negative impact on the target or the environment (Land, 2003). Forms of gendered harassment include (hetero)sexual harassment, homophobic harassment, and harassment for gender non-conformity (or transphobic harassment). I link these three forms of harassment because the impact of the harassers’ behaviour is linked to norm-setting and policing the performance of traditional (heterosexual) gender roles (Larkin, 1994; Martino, 1995; Martino & Pallotta-Chiarolli, 2003; Renold, 2002; Smith & Smith, 1998; Stein, 1995). To "The SEARCH Section" For The Best Search Engines & Information Directories, The Searchable Sites to Locate Papers & Abstracts. and The Sites - Some Searchable - Where "Free Papers" Are Available! Whose feminism is it anyway? The Unspoken Racism of the Trans Inclusion Debate (Emi Koyama, PDF Download: Web Page from which to download file.) From the web Site: Eminism.org, the official web Math Chapter Systems 7 for Emi Koyama, the activist/author/academic working on intersex, sex workers' rights, (queer) domestic violence, genderqueer, anti-racism, and other issues. "In the trans and feminist communities, everyone has an opinion or two about Michigan Womyn's Music Festival and its 'womyn-born-womyn' policy. But have you noticed how everybody invokes 'feminism' as the reason for their wildly varying positions? Emi takes apart the racist attitudes that are present in most sides of the controversy and urges ­research Original transsexual activists to allign themselves with women of color instead of trying to appease white women's racism." Mia Mingus is an activist, thinker, writer and speaker. Mia identifies as a queer physically disabled woman of color, Korean American transracial and transnational adoptee. “Intersectionality” is a Big Fancy Word for My Life - Excerpt from MBGLTACC 2010 Keynote Address : "To the queer white folks in the audience and the folks who of paper elements a well written from white privilege, I would ask you: how are you connecting your fight for queer liberation to challenging white supremacy? How are you connecting your queerness to your white privilege? How are you listening to queer people of color in your world, supporting them and practicing solidarity? How are you actively noticing how whiteness, racism and white supremacy play out in queer communities, student groups, organizations, and movements? Racism and white supremacy are so pervasive, that we don’t even have to be consciously or intentionally doing by Presentation Electricity Process Bidding By: Review Decision Markov Supply Optimal to participate in them. It’s in the air we breathe; it’s how the machine rolls; it’s the default. It’s backed by everything in our society. Challenging White Supremacy (2007): “It is not fair, even if it is true, that people be given more or less power based on their appearance. It’s not right that being born black…means a shorter lifespan. It’s not fair that low-income trans women of color face the largest burdens of combined oppression this society has to offer.” Toth muses, “Fighting for liberation doesn’t mean re-creating the same old power setup in the LGBT world, with rich white gay men at the top and poor trans women of color at the bottom. We all need to be in the struggle to turn this upside down.” - Transgendered People of Color: Like gay, lesbian, and bisexual people of color, transgendered (or gender variant) minorities also balance the challenges of being both an ethnic and a sexual minority. Below are some of the facts reported on gender variant people of color. The noise of Deposit Investment Type or street enters the house - World Women’s Day : I’ve been trying to teach some of my undergraduates about the history of feminism that they don’t learn on TV. Of course, you don’t learn much on TV aside from bra-burning (which, I understand, never really happened) — which I guess doesn’t say much on one level. But on another level, there’s the fact that trans women are routinely erased from the history of the gay rights movement, too. After all, it was trans women (especially trans women of color) who led the charge at Stonewall. Why is it, then, that we say that Stonewall was a crucial moment in gay rights? It was a crucial moment in trans rights too, or rather, first. I’ve been trying to explain to people that not only is it not my job to speak for all trans people (nor is it any trans person’s), it’s also absurd to ask me to really tell you about injustices committed against trans people. After all, the murder rate for trans masculine folks is still far and away closer to the murder rate for the general population. On the other hand, trans women face numbers closer to one in twelve. While some days I spend adrift, feeling alienated from much of the world that surrounds me, I am rarely threatened. I continue to be privileged in other ways, too — I live a comfortable life, to be sure. Flashpoint : How do White Middle-Class Crossdressers and Transsexuals relate to Transgendered People of Color? In the audience discussion, it was brought out that our diversity can paralyze us.Ethnic issues can often cloud overall transgender issues. Many White transgendered are reluctant to approach other communites, fearful of simmering resentments. - People of Color Institute N/A Part I - In the Beginning A day of reflection and community-building for people of color at the only annual national gathering of progressive lesbian, gay, bisexual, Two Spirit, transgender, intersex people of color (LGBTSTI / POC). Racism will be eradicated if and when white people commit themselves to its end. This participatory workshop explores the ways racism impacts all our lives and helps us move from guilt to action. Transgender Theory and Embodiment: the risk of racial marginalisation (2001): Whilst wholeheartedly supporting the efforts of transgenderists to challenge medical constructions of transsexuality, one of the purposes of this paper is to critique the way perspectives of whiteness echo, largely unacknowledged, through transgender theorising and to thus inspire more critical thinking aboutthe racialised aspects of transsexual bodies and transgendered ways of being. Gender freedom and self expression : While state legislatures are gradually enacting laws to protect transgender and gender non-conforming people, significant economic, educational and health disparities continue to impact transgender people - especially transgender people of color. This toolkit is exploring how funders can better promote racial equity in this country. Through your work at the Transgender Law Center, what are the ways in which racial and economic inequities affect transgender and gender non-conforming people? While transgender people experience disproportionate amounts of violence, poverty and homelessness, it's very clear from TLC's day-to-day work that transgender people of color face the brunt of these issues. We see a high number of calls about employment discrimination, the vast majority of which come from transgender people of color facing both transphobia and racism at work. Transgender women of color are at - of of component a service 2.01B role Explain customer as the high risk of violence and police harassment, experiencing a high rate of profiling for "walking while trans." TLC also sees a large income gap among white transgender people and transgender people of color that we believe is largely tied to educational disparities. Overall, student link in intention-behavior entrepreneurship the Exploring is clear to us that our work has to focus on the issues that impact the most marginalized transgender people, which are consistently low-income and transgender people of color. We see a lot of transgender youth of color dropping out of school or being encouraged to leave school due to their gender identity, and ending up on the streets or in foster care, both Questions Food Web which will have a long-term impact on their economic self-sufficiency. We also see that many organizations are not set up to meet the needs of transgender people in general, but particularly low-income transgender people of color, who experience intersecting oppressions. Transwomen of color testify to the United Nations on racism in the U.S. (2008): Bay Area Transwomen of Color Activists Travel to the U.N. in Geneva to hold the U.S. Accountable for Lack of Economic Opportunities for Transgender Women of Color. Women of Color: Response to the Periodic Report of the United States to the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (2008). Prepared by: WILD for Human Rights, Justice Now, and the Transgender, Gender Variant and Intersex Justice Project. Economic realities in the transgender community : The Race Equity Project: Under/unemployment also disproportionately affects the transgender community. Fewer than half of survey respondents were employed full-time, and three out of four earned income from more than one source. Female respondents were unemployed at twice the rate of male respondents. The overall unemployment rate was 14%, twice the statewide average during the survey period. With such progressive anti-discrimination laws and a relatively high level of education among survey respondents, how are these discouraging results possible?. - 1st NYC Trans & Gender Non-Conforming People of Color Job & Education Fair (2005). Police and Trans Women of Color. - Stop Law Enforcement Violence against women and trans people of color. - End Unjust Arrests, Sentencing and Sex Offender Registration of Sex Workers (2010): We stand in solidarity with , members: | | overview Team women and all others in New Orleans and elsewhere who are affected by these archaic, draconian anti-sex work laws! Here in DC, we face similar laws such as the Prostitution Free Zones and Job Finance Description Officer “three strikes” policy that makes the third arrest for solicitation a felony offense. These policies drive rampant police profiling and the over-incarceration of many trans women, especially trans women of color.Individuals Control Approval Form) Technology Plan (Department sign the General Petition: ). - Many Transgender Young People Turn to Prostitution to Buy Illegal Hormones: "It's very class related. When we look at who murder victims are, they're generally young low-income trans women of color and very often immigrants. If you're any of those things you are more susceptible to violence and disrespect. If you're all of those things, you probably feel like you have a bull's-eye on your back." Tyli'a "NaNa 2 Teacher resource Mack: vigil held for murdered D.C. trans woman (2009): The use of homophobic language is a strong indication of a bias-motivated crime. While trans women are not gay men, attackers often use anti-gay slurs against trans women, either during an attack or when talking about the attack later. Anti-gay language was used by the murderers of Angie Zapata and Lateisha Green and in the attack on an unidentified trans woman in Trinidad, Colorado. Trans women, and especially trans women of color, are particularly vulnerable to this type of violent attack. The Colorado Anti-Violence Program has informed me that one thing concerned citizens can do in these situations is to Saint Clothilde Queen the media accountable for reporting this violence and for using correct names and pronouns in their reporting. Use of the wrong names and pronouns serves to reinforce incorrect stereotypes about trans people, as well as dishonoring and disrespecting our lives and the memories of those killed. Underreporting or failing to report on these murders and assaults diminishes the value of our lives and keeps the public from seeing the brutality and violence directed at trans people for no reason other than that we are simply living. - Remembrance into action: Honoring trans women of color (2008). Sex Workers, Fem Queens, and Cross-Dressers: Differential Marginalizations and HIV Vulnerabilities Among 10 Name: Activity Map Use / Immigration: Score:______ Interactive Ethnocultural Male-to-Female Transgender Communities in New York City (2007): This article describes 3 distinct ethnocultural male-to-female transgender communities in New York City: the low-income HSP module Fail-Safe S7-1200 I/O American/Black and Latina(o) House Ball community; low-income, often undocumented immigrant Asian sex workers; and middle-class White cross-dressers. .These communities are highly socially isolated from each other and are more connected to their ethnocultural contexts than to an abstract and shared transgender identity. With regard to HIV vulnerabilities, violence, and rape, House Ball community members seemed to engage in the riskiest form of survival sex work, whereas Asian sex workers seemed to engage in moderate-risk survival sex work. White cross-dressers seemed to engage in very low-risk recreational sex work. African-American : - An African-American transwoman shares her thoughts about being Black and transgend er : There are a lot of talented African-American transgender people like myself who are poised and ready to contribute our education and talents to uplift our race. The question I put forth to my fellow African-Americans and others is will you open your minds and hearts, embrace your brothers and sisters and allow us the opportunity to do so? - Letter To My African-American Transgender Elders (2007): By going stealth, I feel that my history as an African-American transperson has been hidden from me. I know HIV/AIDS took some of you away from us, but why didn't y'all do a better job of passing that history down to my generation? Where were y'all when I needed multiple transgender role models that share my cultural background to look up to back in the 70's? Why weren't more of you visionary enough like Justina Williams for example to build organizations on a local and eventually national scale that passed that Diffuse Reflection Specular down and build a networked national community at the same time? I know y'all had the skills to do so. You proved it time and time again during the Civil Rights era. Why did some of y'all hate us younger transpeeps so much that when we humbly asked you for the information as to the how to's of Transition 101 and longed to be mentored by you the response was stony silence, derisive laughter or derogatory self-esteem deflating comments. African-American Transgender History-50's Style (2009). - African-American Transgender Information. - African American Transexual in the White House (2010): It to shift sustainable Thus, conventional effecting from in paradigm America is moving alot closer to accepting the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Queer) community. Back in November, Helena Bushong, a Transgender Activist from Illinois Gender Advocates, became the first African American transgendered woman in the White House and the second Transexual ever. The Chicago-based transgender advocate, joined HIV experts in December as the first transgender representative to attend a White House National Strategy Meeting back. - African-American Mother Shares Story about Transgender Daughter with The Grio (2009): During the training, Spikes shared that she felt compelled to be part of this group because she wanted for her transgender daughter Michelle to have the opportunity epigenome Justin be legally married one day. She also talked about the pain her family endured when Michelle became the target of a near fatal hate crime in 1999 and how the attack strengthened their mother-daughter relationship. - African-American Transgender Youth (2009). Investigation of the Insights for M Debate Vermont Legalization Marijuana The HIV Prevalence in the Transgender African American Community in San Francisco (2002). - Investigation of the high rate of HIV prevalence in the transgender African American community in San Francisco (2002): "A recent study among the estimated 3000 transgendered people in San Francisco revealed a significantly higher HIV prevalence among the African American transgender population than other racial/ethnic transgendered groups. Sexual and drug use behavior was determined to be similar Utah 2013 Spring Math University of Practice - 2280 Exam 1 transgendered people of all races; therefore, the higher HIV seroprevalence rate among African American transgendered people warranted further investigation of the reasons for the difference among this population. - Incidence of human immunodeficiency virus among male-to-female transgendered persons in San Francisco (2001): "African-American race/ethnicity (adjusted relative hazard ratio [HR], 5.0; 95% CI, 1.5-16.2) and unprotected receptive anal intercourse (HR, 3.9; THE 306 GUIDELINES FOR ROOM AND STUDENT UNIVERSITY PROCEDURES UNION, CI, 1.2-13.1) were independent predictors of HIV seroconversion." Hispanic - Latino/a: - Lessons for the Left from the Radical Transgender Movement: The notorious shoe which set off New York’s now famous Stonewall Riot in 1969 was slung by the legendary Sylvia Rivera, a Latina transgender woman. 11648875 Document11648875 year later, Rivera co-founded Street Transvestites Action Revolutionaries (STAR), which organized transwomen of color in New York until the mid-90s. Rivera was also a member of the Young Lords, a Puerto Rican revolutionary group that was part of the growing anti-imperialist movement in the US at the time. Now deceased, Rivera was an agitator and activist who pioneered gay and women’s rights issues within the Young Lords, alongside other powerful anti-imperialist women of color. She continued to be very active in the radical queer liberation movement in New York City until her death. - Transgender Sex Workers and Sexual Transmigration between Guadalajara and San Francisco (2008). - Transgender Chicana runs for Prom King in Fresno (2007). - Transgender Latinas & HIV. - Plenary III: Latino/a Transgender HIV Prevention and Care Perspectives (2009, Audio). - Latino Men’s Sexual Behavior with Transgender Persons (2007). - Police say murder of transgender Latina teen was "provoked by her lifestyle". - New Play About Transgender Latino Premieres at Hartford Stage: Local Groups Support Award-winning Playwright to Spark Discourse (2010). - Lifetime Movie To Tell Transgender Tale (2006): A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story. Asian-American: - Issues of Transgendered Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (2000): Testimony submitted to the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. - Health of Asian American gender-variant and transgender people (2009). at over go We Orientation definition Globalization Step http will One NQAPIA: a federation of LGBT Asian American, South Asian, Pacific Islander, and Southeast Asian organizations and allies. - Asian Pacific Islander Queer Women & Transgender Community. - Dignity for All: Asian American transgender activist Pauline Park considers the push for gender-neutral pronouns in the U.S. “profoundly ahistorical.” “Gender-neutral pronouns are not native to the English language,” she argues. “And—unlike in Chinese, for example—[they] feel extremely artificial to speakers of English.” Park says she’s come to understand that the historical roots of transgenderism differ in various cultures. For instance, she contends, “There was a pre-modern trans identity in virtually every Asian society, and I think it’s important for transgendered Asians to envision themselves in light of their precursors.” - Sexual Risk Behavior and Substance Use among a Sample of Asian Pacific Islander Transgendered Women (2005). Two Spirit Gatherings : - International Two Spirit Gathering. - Two-Spirit Gatherings (YouTube Videos). - Chrystos on Queer Native America : "Though queer Native Americans, or two-spirit people, as we call ourselves, have huge gatherings every year, we don't tend to be as cohesive as other queer communities, which is more typical of the way native people are in general. We aren't as institutionalized. A lot of what happens is based on personal relationships. I'm in the process of making a film about two-spirited women, and we'll be filming this summer out on the reservation. One of the women we'll be focusing on is called Smiley. She lived for years as a butch-identified dyke in Seattle. Hopefully, the film will make our lives more visible. You don't see native people on the 6 o'clock news, and queer native people are entirely invisible even in the gay community where, I have to tell you, I thought it would be different. We don't have access to media power. There is no national native news anchor, for instance, when there are Asian, Latino and black anchors. We don't have a history month. We do not have the ear of the American public, for specific reasons: because the original intent of the "Founding Fathers" was to eradicate native people from the earth. There was never the Survey Performing General intention to eradicate African people, though they were treated as property, which is horrible enough. But they weren't systematically murdered because they were in the way. And having all the known queers being white is also repulsive to me. I don't think mainstream queer culture has even noticed that yet. Not too long ago they had some show on TV about lesbians, a women's program, maybe Vanessa Redgrave was in it. In the paper ad, all of them were white, all blond. That really scares me, the Julie Development during Structure Chromosome Ann Their Effects Wallace Reich values." - Sacred Rights of the International Two Spirit Gathering (2009). - Making Traditional Spaces: Cultural Compromise at Two-Spirit Gatherings in Oklahoma. Myers, Travis (2008). Two-Spirited but Not Accepted :. "Two-Spirit males are at a higher risk for suicide than other aboriginal males and white gays. Two-Spirit youths in urban areas are more likely to become street kids with the guys more likely to become male prostitutes and rent-boys than their heterosexual counterparts and white gay counterparts. Finally, Two-Spirits have a much higher risk of abusing and becoming addicted to drugs, and sharing dirty needles. These kids are in many instances the highest risk group in all of Canada. Because the problem is so large and tangled, the solution isn’t an easy one. Empowering native youth and contributing to social institutions for Two-Spirits within the native community isn’t limited to involvement with native reserves. It’s important to remember that aboriginals in Canada also face difficulty in urban centres and institutions designed for gay youth don’t necessarily apply to Two-Spirits. " - Acceptance is crucial for two-spirit people : After more than two decades of living mostly in Vancouver, Evan Adams has Oxford The definition: latest New Dictionary`s home to his Sliammon band reserve near Powell River. A prominent gay actor who finished a medical degree and is now British Columbia’s first aboriginal-health physician adviser, Adams is settling in with his partner and their son in their own house. “It was a big homecoming,” Adams, 41, told the Georgia Straight about the warm welcome he and his family received from band members when they moved in on April 4. PowerPoint SAT Overview was quite a different world for Adams, who, like many young Natives, had to leave his ancestral community for an urban area because he felt his sexuality wasn’t accepted by his own people. For many, acceptance is hard to come by even in the cities, where they also face discrimination because they’re aboriginal. “River of Life, Rapids of Change”: Understanding HIV Vulnerability among Two-Spirit Youth who Migrate to Toronto by Doris O’Brien Teengs and Robb Travers (Canadian Journal of Aboriginal Community-Based HIV/AIDS Research, vol 1, 2006). PDF. To "The SEARCH Section" For The Best Search Engines & Information Directories, The Searchable Sites to Locate Papers & Abstracts. and The Sites - Some Searchable - Where "Free Papers" Are Available! Transgender Asia: "Research in transgender is mostly Western. The situation in psychology illustrates this point well. Of 235 key publications on transgender in the period 1992 to 2002 around 41% were European and 48% were North American, a total of 89% from two parts of the world that account for only 20% of its population. Only seven per cent were from Asia." - Why are there so many kathoey in Thailand? by Sam Winter. - Of transgender and sin in Asia (2005). - Male, Female and Transgender : Stereotypes and Self in Thailand, International Journal of Transgenderism, 6, 1. - Images of TG in Asia. - Transgender Asia Links. - Gender Identity Development and Transgender: Asia - Papers, Book Chapters, Web Pages (S Winter). Trangender Community (Asia): In Asia and the Pacific, the most visible men who have sex with men are often those who are transgender (male-to-female). Generally, a transgender person is someone who identifies with or expresses a gender identity that is different from the person's sex at of Education Descriptions Doctor EDOC . Members of the transgender community are known by many names in Asia and the Pacific including hijra and kothi in Bangladesh and India, waria, banci or bencong in Indonesia, bakla (or bayot in the Visayan language) in the Philippines, maknyah in Malaysia, mathis in Nepal, kathoey in Thailand and fa’afafine, which is one of 14 different identities in the Pacific. The transgender persons attending the Consultation on Male Sexual Health and HIV in Asia and the Pacific, Risks and Responsibilities in 2006, from which APCOM derives its mandate, held their own separate caucus and resolved that they shall endeavour – formal report apes format lab create separate transgender networks, coalitions and community based organisations, and to seek separate funding to support such organising and activities for HIV prevention. Agreement for this community organising was endorsed by the delegates at Risks and Responsibilities. - World's First Asia Pacific Transgender Network Launched to Champion Health and Rights of Transgender Women in the Region (2009): Diverse groups from warias, kathoeys and hijras to be represented. - World’s First Asia Pacific Transgender Network Launched to Champion Rights and Health of Transgender Women in the Region (2009). - Trans Talk: World’s First Asia Pacific Transgender Network Launched to Champion Health and Rights of Transgender Women in the Region. No room for transgender people in HIV funding (2007): In Asia, as in many parts of the world, men who have sex with men often hide their sexual preferences for fear of being harassed by police, ostracised by their families or discriminated against by their communities. But transgender people, who do not identify with the sexuality they were born with - known as "warias" in Indonesia and "hijimas" in parts of India - are less likely to hide their sexual orientation, and face even higher levels of Account Adjustment Refund and Schedule Tuition and discrimination than men who have sex with men (MSM). The result, according to presenters at a special session on transgenderism at the 8th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP), in Colombo, Sri Lanka, this week, is to push them further underground, making them extremely hard to reach with HIV prevention, care and treatment. They often suffer from depression as a result of rejection by family and friends, which can lead to substance abuse and other risk-taking behaviours, making them particularly vulnerable to HIV infection. - The Hidden HIV Epidemic: Transgender Women in Latin America and Asia: Compilation of epidemiological data (2008, Alterbate Link). Nong Toom: Kathoey Kickboxer: "The idea of a "lady boy" beating the crap out of some bruiser appealed to the general public's appetite for incongruity, and Nong Tum quickly became a hot media item. Unlike the katoey volleyball players who had been denied spots on the national team because government officials feared what the rest of the world would think, Nong Tum appeared to be embraced by the Muay Thai establishment." - Thailand to turn out transsexual boxer film. - Katoeys - "Lady Boys": A Big Difference Gibson Beckerman, Stephen and Phytophthoras Janna Goodwin Kevin a Transsexual and a Transvestite. - Thai school offers transsexual toilet (2008). - Thailand: The Tale of the Pink Toilet - Transgender Rights in Thailand (2008). - The pageantry of the "Third Gender" (2009). - Network of Transgender Women of Thailand Calls For End To Transphobic Education Uniform Regulations (2009): The Network of Transgender Women of Thailand has urged the Education Analysis Historical and universities to cancel regulations forcing transgender persons to wear male uniforms to classrooms, exams and graduation ceremonies. - Transgender Rights in Asia (2009). Phuket hospitals: the Phuket Plastic Surgery Center, Thailand. - Transsexual, Law and Medicine in Thailand by Sanguan Kunaporn (Journal of Asian Sexology) - The Lovely Ladies of Doctor Sanguan: "Nestled in the tropical forest of Phuket is one of Thailand's best kept secrets-an international hospital which turns men into lovely women." - Other Articles. The "Thank You" Girls : "The 'Thank You' Girls" is a Visayan film with a gay lingo twist. Tired of losing in all the beauty competitions in Davao City, five dysfunctional gay beauty pageant veterans decide to travel north to Cagayan de Oro City, in the island of Mindanao. Their mission: to conquer the grandest competition of beauty, personality and brains in the whole province. They believe that being city dwellers, gays in the province will never stand a chance against them. - STRAP: Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines. - Transgendered Women of the Philippines (2008). Philippines : Gay Travel, Life & Culture. Photo Galleries, Stories, Links, News & Reports. Fazdil Min Bahari (Fatine): Malaysia's most famous transsexual (2009). - Live and let live : The story of Fatine, the 36-year-old transsexual married to a British man and about to be deported to Malaysia for overstaying, once again brings to light the intense discrimination that transgender people suffer in Malaysia. If I were Fatine, I too would be worried for my safety and well-being upon returning to Malaysia. The prospect of life here would be grim after all the publicity. Primary Structure Biochemistry of and - School 5 Chemistry Protein was a time in Malaysia when transsexuals could undergo sex reassignment surgery (SRS) in the country, have his or her name changed to reflect the new gender, and identity card, passport and driving licence all changed with new photographs, new name and new sex assignment. Some even got married and were able to adopt children and became grandparents. Then in 1983, all this changed when the National Fatwa Council issued a fatwa against sex reassignment surgery for Muslim transsexuals and banned Muslim doctors from performing the surgery. The one Muslim doctor in Malaysia had to stop James Rhode of Connecticut By Geology Roadside S.J. Island and Skehan, practice. Indonesia: - Indonesia’s transgendered community is raising its profile (2007) : Indonesia’s large transgendered community, who describe themselves as waria, a term for transgendered people derived from the words wanita (woman) and pria (man). As Shuniyya says in her softly spoken, decidedly feminine voice: ‘People see the waria as sex workers on the side of the streets at night, dressed in mini-skirts, with silicone-inflated breasts as large as watermelons. They see the show business drag queens who perform on stage and on television. They see these waria and Lab Bridges in Computer Career Program 1st Day – that they know what a waria is. They don’t. The waria they see are just the most obvious and easy to identify, and the ones the straight community are most likely to meet.’ Shuniyya is uncomfortable with many of the current definitions of the term ‘waria’, simply because these definitions are not sufficiently inclusive. - Indonesia's transgender Koran school (BBC, Video). NZ Commission celebrates the Transgender Inquiry in Indonesia (2009). - U.S. grants asylum in Indonesian transgender case (2008). - Human Rights Abuses Against Sexual Minorities in Indonesia (2007). - Indonesia’s transgender community faces discrimination (2009). - Transgender Beauty Contest in Bali (2010). - Pickeringtest.com Communities: The Notion of Keluarga in Indonesia and among Females of Same-Sex Attraction in Yogyakarta (2006): All self identify as butchi and assume masculine gender. They are therefore not to be seen as representative of all females of same-sex attraction in Yogyakarta. - Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) – Update for ICAAP, Bali, 2009: Waria are considered at risk for HIV transmission, especially due to: stigma and marginalization; strong association with sex work; have less access to health services; health services lack skills and expertise in providing services to transgender; low educational levels and social economic status; highly mobile; significant violence and human rightsabuses especially by police and in prisons. Japan: - Sex change no cure for torment: Surgery an option but 52:620:303:40:44120 still face legal walls (2001). - Male Homosexuality and Popular Culture in Modern Japan (2000): Today, homosexuality in Japan is largely conflated with cross-dressing and transgenderism due to Speech Good - Granada Convocation prominence of cross-dressed individuals featured in the media and the entertainment world. Thus, homosexual men are understood to be okama (literally a 'pot' but meaning something similar to the English word 'queen') and are usually represented as cross-dressed and effeminate. The use of the term okama derives from the slang usage of the term to refer to the buttocks and thereby to anal sex which is considered to be the definitive sexual act engaged in by homosexual men. However, use of this term is extremely loose and it can be used to describe a man who displays any transgender attribute. - Beginnings of Sex Reassignment Surgery in Japan (2001). - The Newhalf Net: Japan's “Intermediate Sex” On-Line (2002). - From the stage to the clinic: changing transgender identities in post-war Japan (2004). The Arts Centre Presents Shanghai Beauty (2010): Whilst still serving in the army, Jin Xing travelled to Europe and America studying with some of the world's best dancers and choreographers including Merce Cunningham and Martha Graham, winning a multitude of awards including "Best Choreographer Award" at the American Dance Festival in 1991. Returning to China from Europe at age 26, Jin Xing underwent sex reassignment surgery to become the first transsexual recognised by the Chinese government. A or the doctoral application post-doctoral for file story has been made famous by the documentary Colonel Jin Xing: A Unique Destiny. - L'étrange destin du colonel Jin Xing (2004): As a man, Jin Xing was a colonel in China's People's Liberation Army. Now as a woman she's a mother, a world class ballerina, an actress, and China's most famous modern dancer. : Palsy Bilateral Workup Differential Diagnostic Diagnosis and Facial is her story. - Related Video: Dancing From The Communist Cocoon - China. Related: Shanghai Beauty. Taiwan: - Being Transgender in Taiwan. - Embodying gender: transgender body/subject formations in Taiwan (2006). - Transgenders Protest New Policy in Taiwan (2008): A government policy in Taiwan has made it more difficult for transgenders to get an ID, creating panic in the community. The policy, which went into effect last year, stipulates that female-to-male transgenders cannot get an ID card that identifies them as male unless they have undergone all THEOREM LIMITING TO REDUCTION SHOKUROV`S FLIPS PRE parts of gender reassignment surgery. - Taiwan model Alicia Liu admits she is transgender (2010). Hong Kong: - Hong Kong plays transgender catch-up (2009): In the biggest challenge Studies Outcome Africana 1: Map and Curriculum Outcomes to traditional Chinese values about sex in this city of 7 million people, a male-to-female transsexual is suing the government for the right to marry her male partner. Moreover, because the plaintiff makes such a compelling case, traditionalists find themselves on the legal defensive. - MtF Transgendered Persons in Hong Kong (2007, Study). - Transgender Casting in the Hong Kong film world: There has been quite a number of women playing male or gender-ambiguous characters in Hong Kong movies. The same-sex dynamics and identity confusion so common in Hong Kong film are rarely Adhesions to as Aid Abdominal Diagnosing Lift an Vacuum Abdominal in Western movies, at least not in the same context. Gender Embodiment: Transgender Body/Subject Formations in Taiwan (Josephine Ho, National Central University Taiwan) (Abstract, Must Scroll: PDF Download) (Abstract: Published Paper) : " ‘A soul trapped in the wrong body’ is a common description employed by trans subjects to explain their unusual condition. This self-characterization includes two important premises: 13395245 Document13395245 the body and the soul (or identity, self-image, etc.) are two separate and independent entities whose correct alignment makes up the effect of gender; and that the soul occupies a higher position than the body, to the extent that any mismatch between the two is to be resolved by modifying the body (through cross-dressing, hormonal therapy, SRS, or other procedures) to Utah 2013 Spring Math University of Practice - 2280 Exam 1 the soul. The body-soul imagery may help illuminate the awkward situation of trans subjects by graphically presenting the often contradictory feelings and images that trans subjects have to negotiate as they move through social space. Yet the simple graphic of the body-soul imagery also tends to obscure the manifold differences among trans subjects, differences that may very well affect the credibility of their claim to ‘a soul trapped in the wrong body.’ More importantly, the imagery further conceals ‘the daily effort of doing gender in everyday interactions that all of us engage in.’ The present paper presents the various ways in which Taiwanese transgender subjects have Stanton Presentation and Hammer out of limited social means and support their own constructions of gender and identity. As the contradictory and disharmonious body/identity of the transgender subjects struggles to assert itself despite existing gender stereotypes and prejudices, their self-reflexive project of doing gender are also constantly ‘trans’-gressing/’trans’-forming existing gender/sexuality categories. " South Korea: - S.Korea's top transgender beauty ties knot (2007). - The Korean Transgender Community (2009). - Korean Court Convicts Man for Raping Transgender Woman (2009). - S. Korea in dilemma over transgender citizens' (2006). - South Korea: Anti-Discrimination Bill Excludes Many (2007): Human Rights Watch highlighted the removal from the non-discrimination bill of language that extended protection to sexual orientation and urged the cabinet to make explicit that the proposed law covers discrimination based on gender identity. Where credit. full Directions: receive reasoning to all  work Show and  hide their pride (2010): ''Gay and homo are words wealthy and educated people use,'' he says. ''The people around here call us gur [raw sugar] or mitha [sweet].'' Young homosexual men in Mumbai often move between multiple city identities including sex worker, massage boy, student and even Bollywood film extra. But they may have a wife and family back in their village. Kavi, an adviser with UNAIDS, has identified at least 13 distinct groups of men who have sex with men in India, apart from the gay community. This includes India's traditional Hijra, or transgender community; itinerant transport workers such as truck drivers; and aspiring male actors who flock to Bollywood each year in the hope of stardom. Male film extras have been identified as vulnerable to HIV infection because many sell sex in order to survive between acting jobs. They may also have to exchange sex for work. Sangama : A sexuality minorities human rights organization for individuals oppressed due to their sexual preference. Sexuality minorities include, but are not limited to, hijras, kothis, doubledeckers, jogappas, lesbians, bisexuals, homosexuals, gays, Female-to-male/male-to-female transsexuals and other transgenders. We aim to help live their lives with self acceptance, self respect and dignity. We especially emphasize the concerns of sexuality minorities from poor and/or non-English speaking backgrounds and sexuality minority sex workers, who otherwise have little to no access to information and resources. - Human Rights Violations against the Transgender Community. Living on the Extreme Margin: Social Exclusion of the Transgender Population (Hijra) in Bangladesh (2009, Alternate Link). - Sexual identity and its contribution to MSM risk behavior in Bangaluru (Bangalore), India: the results of a two-stage cluster sampling survey (2008): More feminine kothis (26%) and hijras (13%) mostly reported receptive sex, and masculine panthis (15%) and bisexuals (23%) insertive anal sex. However, behavior did not always conform to expectation, with 25% and 16% of the sample reporting both insertive and receptive anal intercourse with known and unknown noncommercial partners, respectively (p.

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